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Defending Michiganders' constitutional rights, protecting secure and fair elections and guarding against executive overreach.

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Protecting Our Elections

Despite claims by the mainstream media, voter fraud is real, and we are here to make sure every Michigander that has the legal right to vote doesn’t have their vote diluted by those with bad intentions. Michiganders depend on fair and secure elections.

Our elections officials need to:

  • Require an ID to vote: You are required to show an ID to buy alcohol, board a plane or open a bank account. Voting should be no different.
  • Verify our voter registration lists: We need to remove deceased people from the voter rolls and verify the citizenship of every registered voter.
  • Make the elections transparent: Allow observers from both parties to view the counting of ballots and do not allow for the counting of ballots before the close of polls.

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Defending against Executive Overreach

Executive Branch Officials across the Country have used the COVID-19 pandemic to unilaterally increase their power and authority; imposing rules and regulations on ordinary people while regularly breaking those rules themselves.

We must not allow our Executive Officials to continue to circumvent Michigan's legislative process any longer. We must restore power to Michigan’s legislative bodies. At minimum, if the governor, or by extension the numerous departments welding immense executive power want to extend or implement drastic new policies, those policies must be approved by the legislature.